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The Hero’s Rhythmic Journey is a colorful rhythm game with a platforming twist.

Inspired by Joseph Campbell’s monomyth, or the hero’s journey, the game will take you on a journey through 12 levels of colored rhythms and catchy melodies, composed by the highly talented musician: “Spence Mills”.

In The Hero’s Rhythmic Journey, you play as a small multi-colored square referred to as: “The Hero”. The goal is to reach the finish line by keeping the flow with the rhythm, and trying not to fall off the platforms.

The game is an auto-runner, your only action in The Hero’s Rhythmic Journey is to jump, that could be accomplished by pressing the arrow keys. Besides jumping, each arrow will change the hero’s color to its own unique color, that could be green, blue, red, or yellow.


The_Heros_Rhythmic_Journey.rar 48 MB